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A message from the Chairman of the Conference of Defence Associations:

Richard EvraireIn its role as the ‘Voice of Defence’, the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA), whose 51 constituent Associations represent a total of some 400,000 members, firmly believes in the importance of public discussion of security requirements to the healthy functioning of a democratic society. Founded in 1932, the CDA has, for the past 80 years, advocated in favour of sound defence and security policy and for appropriate support of the men and women of the Regular and Reserve components of Canada’s armed forces. It does so through its ‘Outreach’ program which is designed as a strategy for communicating its views to stakeholders and the general public.

The CDA’s ‘Outreach’ program principally consists of the following activities:

  • Meeting with and informing key members of government, key defence officials, opposition parties, defence organizations and policy institutes of the CDA’s viewpoints;
  • Through the use of subject matter experts, keeping key stakeholders and other Canadians informed of the CDA viewpoints through articles in print and electronic media, appearances on national and local radio and television, through the distribution, via our extensive e-​mail distribution list, of daily and weekly media briefs on defence, security and Canadian Forces issues as well as through the CDA Intitute Twitter feed;
  • Encouraging, orchestrating, and coordinating, across Canada, a bottom up series of commentaries in the media and elsewhere on security, defence and Canadian Forces issues; and
  • Carrying out, as and when necessary, countrywide advocacy campaigns; and
  • Organizing and executing, along with our sister organization, the CDA Institute, Day Two of the annual Ottawa Conference on Defence and Security.

Subject matter experts provide an important and essential source of expertise among many needed to prepare for and execute the CDA’s outreach/​advocacy program. Considerable reliance is also placed on the CDA Institute, whose research expertise, in the Institute President’s own words, “… provide(s) Canadians with the knowledge required to develop an unbiased, non-​partisan perspective on what constitutes effective Defence Policy for Canada.”

As Chair of the CDA, I invite you to learn more about the CDA’s activities by first of all browsing through this website and, if questions or comments arise, getting in touch with us.

Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Richard J. Evraire, CMM, CD

Lieutenant-​General (Ret’d) Richard J. Evraire, CMM, CD

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